Feel-good game for children of all ages, It’s Paper Guy! invites you to explore a world entirely made of paper, full of life and cuteness, and to cut it as you please! Discover the cute hand-drawn aesthetic of Paper Guy's lively world, solve simple puzzles, and enjoy the innocent pleasure of cutting paper!


It's Paper Guy! is the final project for our 1st year of Master's Degree at Cnam-Enjmin (a french video game university). The objectives set by our university was to create a 10 to 15 minutes interactive experience in about 3 months (from the end of March to the begining of June). The dev is being made for the PC platform as it allows us to focus on optimizing It’s Paper Guy! and its mechanics the best way we can in such a short period. We haven't made any decision yet about whether taking our project forward but who knows?


  • Solo puzzle-adventure game in 2.5D, set in a universe fully made of paper.
  • Powerful main mechanic: draw a line anywhere on the screen to cut game elements!
  • Lively game world, full of details and surprises to discover.
  • Cute and poetic adventure, bound to make you smile and feel good!


It’s Paper Guy! - first release trailer YouTube

It’s Paper Guy! - Gameplay video YouTube



Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • ... this game is a real joy just to explore... delightfully cheerful...
    Jay Castello, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • ... the sort of game that makes you smile from start to finish...
    Calum Fraser, Alpha Beta Gamer
  • ... en plus d'avoir un concept ultra-intuitif qui parle même aux non-joueurs, It’s Paper Guy! se paye le luxe d'être mignon à en crever...
    Noddus, Gamekult
  • ... un jeu à la limite du jouet, un jouet à la limite du jeu, comme une cocotte en papier...
    Pierre Corbinais, l'Oujevipo
Original Soundtrack (OST)
It's Paper Guy!'s soundtrack composed by Marc Enciso.

About Paper Team

Team of students in game development at Cnam-Enjmin, we made the game It's Paper Guy!.
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